Causes of abnormal vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is very common for females, but when it smells foul and has a weird color, it means that there is something wrong. Here are the reasons why some women experience abnormal vaginal discharge:

Bacterial Vaginosis: this triggers a fish-like odor in the vagina. Oftentimes, it is more intense after having sex. It may also cause burning pain when urinating and vaginal itching.

Chlamydia: even though Chlamydia does not always trigger noticeable symptoms in women, it usually triggers odd vaginal discharge that is not really foul-smelling, but just has a strange color. It is usually accompanied by lower abdominal pains and pain when urinating.

Yeast Infections: these are the most common causes of abnormal vaginal discharge. They can cause clumpy, yellow/white, cheese-like looking discharge to come out of the vagina. It has an unpleasant smell and occurs with vaginal itching and pain when urinating.

Gonorrhea: This STD is usually asymptomatic in females, but it can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge that is accompanied by intense pelvic pains and pain when urinating.

If you experience abnormal vaginal discharge that smells really bad or has taken on a different color (red, brown, yellow, and so on), get tested for an STD right away. Abnormal vaginal discharge is a common STD symptom, and it will be smart for you to find out right away if you are infected so as to get the correct treatment as soon as possible.