HIV is branded as a pandemic disease because of its power to rapidly spread from one human to another. It can infect anybody, regardless of what age, weight, height, or nationality. It is probably among the most sinister diseases at this point in time is the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV.

HIV is classified into two: HIV-1 and the HIV-2. The HIV-1 spreads out faster and is the reason behind worldwide contamination. Once a person gets infected with it, he or she will encounter at most four phases of HIV.

The stages of HIV infection

The initial stage of HIV is called the incubation period. At this stage, zero noticeable signs and symptoms are experienced by the patient. It can thrive for a few days and a number of weeks.

After that, an affected man or woman enters the second stage and begins exhibiting different symptoms such as intense rashes, weakening muscle mass, sore throat, fever, mouth sores, and soreness of the lymph nodes.

 The Latency Period

Up next is the third stage which is called the latency period. It can continue for as long as a number of years, yet if the patient is put through antiretroviral treatment solution, he or she can lessen the period down to a couple of weeks. When this occurs, the immune system gets going to produce antibodies that will attack the virus.

HIV becomes AIDS

Lastly, the fourth stage of HIV is known to be the stage where the patient develops AIDS. This normally transpires when HIV is left undiagnosed and disregarded. AIDS patients also experience antiretroviral medication treatment.

What Happens If HIV Is Not Treated Right Away?

How we can fight HIV and AIDS

It has been reported that about 0.6 percent of the human population is HIV-positive and that number continues to become larger and larger every single day. In the developing locations, the drives to make people know about the disease are keeping up. Various studies and promotions are done to educate and let them know of the dangers of HIV. Defending against HIV remains to be a lot better than treating it, so everybody is recommended to employ safe sex every single time. Utilize protection when having sexual intercourse, and get you and your mates tested. Through this technique, if one of you gets a positive result, you or they can request medical attention while the infection is still in its opening periods.

HIV is a dangerous disease that needs to be avoided. Get tested for HIV promptly so that correct treatment can be administered.