HIV, or the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a life-threatening and seriously degenerative viral infection that can cause severe harm and danger to your immune system.

Known to strike and attack the body's immune cells, it can weaken the immune system and result in not being able to fight off different infections and diseases.

To effectively protect against HIV, you have to educate yourself and know more about the different HIV symptoms. Being familiar with the different HIV symptoms for each stage of HIV can help you realize that it is time to get an HIV test.

Early HIV Symptoms To Watch Out For

HIV is a common sexually-transmitted disease that has a long latency period. As a result of that, many people who contract it may feel all right and health for many years even after being exposed to the virus.

But, once the initial symptoms occur, such as some flu-like symptoms, you have to go get an HIV test immediately so as to get treatment as soon as possible if you have been tested positive.

Later-Stage HIV Symptoms

As the HIV spreads inside the body, the more the patient becomes at risk. The virus can infect the brain, heart, lungs, and other body organs and parts and lead to some severe complications.

And, because the immune system has been weakened, it becomes easier for other diseases to get into the body and cause harm.

So, put in mind how important HIV testing is to prevent suffering from the serious threats HIV brings.