If you have Hepatitis C, the most probable and earliest symptom that you may notice is exhaustion. You will feel very tired and so worn out even though you have not done any activity that is so physically demanding.

The common signs and symptoms

Other common hepatitis C signs and symptoms that you have to watch out for are as follows:

    • A person who gets infected with hepatitis C will experience pain and ache in the abdominal region.
    • He or she will have darker urine, which usually takes on a brown color.
    • He or she will excrete odd-colored feces, sometimes resembling clay.
    • He or she will lose significant body weight as a result of appetite loss.
    • He or she will experience mild to severe headaches or migraines.
    • He or she will experience nausea and vomiting.
    • There will be itchiness in various parts of the body.
    • His or her skin and/or eyes will start to turn yellow.
    • He or she will experience persistent muscle aches and pains.

If you encounter any of these, you have to get tested for Hepatitis C right away by using a rapid Hepatitis C test kit for fast and accurate test results.