What Are The Chlamydia Treatments for Men?

Other than the other sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia is very easy to treat. The infection could be cleared in 3-4 days or a maximum of seven days. If men take proper dosage of antibiotics for 3-4 days, the disease will just disappear. As the doctor always prescribe a dosage for seven days so it is always better to complete the seven days for the best results

What medicines are prescribed for Chlamydia infection?

Two of the utmost common antibiotics used to treat chlamydia are Azithromycin and doxycycline. As the infections get clear in just days which shows how aggressive and active the antibiotics are. Not everyone has the capabilities of taking the following medicines due to some allergies and reasons which are why there are more antibiotics for it too. Don’t ever take the pills automatically by seeing the symptoms because most of the sexually transmitted diseases have same symptoms so these drugs could even make it worse.

Side effects of Azithromycin and doxycycline

Everything on this planet has side effects and so do medical drugs have. If a particular medicine actually does not suit you, then you may ask your doctor to prescribe an alternative. The most common side effects of the two most important antibiotics are; not being able to breathe properly. Your lips and tongue and face might swell. You may also feel feeble and would suffer from some seriously painful cramps. You may consult the doctor again if you can’t handle these and if your legs and hands also swell then you must consult your doctor

What Are Some Common Chlamydia Symptoms And Complications?

Things that you should do during treatment

When some other antibiotics are prescribed to men like levofloxacin, ofloxacin, and doxycycline, they might stay indoors and not go into the sunlight. They must use sunscreen because it will help the skin not to get burned. During the treatment, they must not indulge in any sexual activities. The men should not be engaged in any sex. Not even oral or anal. If the men are not able to control their desire and are desperate enough, then he might have sex but with full protection. He must use a condom, or his partner may also get infected.

After the treatment of Chlamydia

After your treatment is finished, you may get tested again just to make sure if you are done with it or not! Doing such tests are always encouraged because it just tells that you are now a free man, lives your life to its fullest. Always keep the prescription and the list of the medicines with you and never forget about the result of the tests. You must not take chlamydia for granted; it is no much dreadful, but if you ignore it then it may change into some other serious disease so you may always get this thing treated first. The antibiotics that are used for the treatment is not that much expensive so just because of this it will not be a problem for you.