A pregnant woman that has Chlamydia has got a 60% probability of passing on the sickness to her infant child. This situation is known as neonatal Chlamydial infection and can bring about additional complications like neonatal conjunctivitis and neonatal pneumonia. For this reason, you will need to take Chlamydia tests earnestly.

Upon delivering the baby, the odds of transmitting the Chlamydia infection to the baby is quite high. That is the reason medical doctors encourage expectant mothers who are afflicted with Chlamydia to obtain treatment before they give birth. The treatment method and the prescribed medication used are proven to not bring about any problems for the little one even if it is still inside the womb.

Treatment method

Antibiotics are utilized to treat Chlamydia. For expectant mothers, the antibiotic known as erythromycin is usually prescribed by medical doctors. They are instructed to take 500 mg of erythromycin 4 times every day for 7 successive days. How come this is done? The reason behind this is to combat the harmful bacteria that cause Chlamydia. Erythromycin, in addition, has been proven to not result in any kind of side effects that can result in fetal abnormalities and such. In the event that a pregnant woman is unable to take erythromycin for whatever reason, the medical doctor is going to find other options for example amoxicillin to perform the job. An alternate antibiotic usually prescribed to expectant mothers with Chlamydia is the azithromycin which must be ingested in mobile small dose and is in fact easier.

Amoxicillin is usually prescribed to Chlamydia-positive expecting mothers. In spite of this, in the event that the sufferer is allergic to penicillin, the medical doctor will find an alternate choice for it in order that the patient can still be taken care of.

Side effects of antibiotics on expectant mother

Whenever consuming antibiotics, there could be side effects that the expectant mother is going to encounter. Probably the most common are feeling sick, throwing up, and diarrhea. As said by some medical professionals, erythromycin generates the most number of negative effects among the antibiotics, while azithromycin brings about the very least.

Partner getting tested

Apart from undergoing Chlamydia treatment, it is also advised by doctors that the significant other of the patient should go through an STD test or Chlamydia test to ensure that they can also be treated for Chlamydia. By doing this, resurfacing of the disease will be prevented. They are forbidden from having sex until they already have finished the entire treatment procedure and are confirmed free from the infection by the medical doctors.
Being pregnant is an important phase and it is wise to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle to make sure that the baby will be delivered with zero complications. An expectant mom must be very sensible and cautious in every little thing she does making sure that any one of these infections as well as other diseases will be prevented.

The Hazards Of Chlamydia