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Watching Out For Syphilis Sores

Where do syphilis sores develop?

The pain-free syphilis sores are identified as a chancre. They are generally found in the area that came in contact with the syphilis bacteria. In many cases, they are seen in the genital region, the anus or in or around the mouth.

The genital area is regarded as the most typical since syphilis is transmitted by sexual contact. In case you find that you have sores or a rash in the genital region and you believe that you have come in contact with someone who had syphilis visit a doctor as soon as possible. Syphilis can also grow into blisters or not painful bumps.

What do syphilis sores characterize?

Syphilis inflamed or sore spots are the initial stage of this disease. It can be noted, despite the fact that there are zero sores present, you might still be contagious. After the medical expert validates the existence of syphilis you and a male or female you have had sexual interactions with must be tested and treated.

How can we cure syphilis?

Syphilis is undoubtedly treatable with antibiotics. Only your doctor can provide with the prescribed medication that will successfully remedy this illness. The moment unattended it can ultimately result in problems to many parts of the body system just like blindness, nervous or mental dysfunctions and in the long run loss of life. The doctor can identify syphilis by paying awareness of the syphilis sores and affected part. They can also do a blood test to be sure you have syphilis. Open sores develop the risk of HIV more prominent so they possibly will test you for HIV.

Syphilis Sores - FAQs

How can we avoid getting syphilis?

To defend against syphilis and syphilis sores reduce the number of sexual partners you have. Be cautious with regards to who you have sex with casually. Do not forget to use a condom. Make sure that it is still within its expiration date and that it was produced in the USA. The US has considerably more strict safekeeping requirements that are performed and employed. So they are far more invaluable than condoms produced elsewhere. You have to keep condoms in the unopened original wrapper. There are also condoms for girls. Make use of available condoms to protect you from acquiring syphilis. Protect yourself from getting syphilis sores through the use of safe sex methods. In the event that you have contracted syphilis, stop by your doctor immediately.