Being infected with syphilis is not something that you would want many people to know. It is actually quite embarrassing to have this infection, and others will oftentimes pass judgment and make ridiculous remarks. Because of this negative reaction from other people, a lot of those that may have syphilis are hesitant to go get syphilis testing.

Why people should get tested

Syphilis testing is very important because doing this will help determine a person's real situation. If he or she gets tested positive for syphilis, he or she can immediately seek the right kind of treatment to cure his or her infection. So, if you or anyone you know is suspicious about this disease, you have to undergo a syphilis test right away.

Symptoms of Syphilis

Some of the most common syphilis symptoms that can help you know if it is time to get a syphilis test are the following: sores in the genital region, rashes, fever, headache, fatigue, weight loss, and inflammation of the lymph nodes. Once any of these signs show up, it means that you have to undergo a syphilis test as soon as you can.

Testing for Syphilis

There are various ways to test for syphilis. You can either go to an STD clinic or use a rapid syphilis test kit. When you go to a medical facility to get tested, a health professional will conduct the test and you simply have to provide the needed fluid sample to be analyzed. If you get tested using a rapid syphilis test kit, you have to get a hold of one and you can perform the procedure on your own, at home, or anywhere you want.

How To Test For STDs/STIs

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