The steady boost in the number of people afflicted with Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is disquieting. It is the scenario in virtually all regions of the world, and the governing bodies are applying their best to get rid of this. Many awareness campaigns have been presented to inform people of the adverse consequences of HIV to our bodies, and also on how to defend against from getting afflicted with it.

Transmission of HIV

Those who are sexually active are the most likely people for getting HIV. The infection can be transmitted from a person to another while doing sexual intercourse (anal, oral, or vaginal) and by means of an HIV-positive pregnant lady to her newborn. Practicing safe sex can help stop the spread of the infection, as well as being vigilant when using needles through blood transfusion and the likes.

Warning signs

There are plenty warning signs of HIV. At the start of infection, an individual will encounter some headache, fever, queasiness, loss of appetite, soreness of some glands, and others. if allowed undiagnosed and untreated, it may result in far more serious complications just like injuries in more organs, cancer, and AIDS.

Testing methods

There are various procedures in HIV testing. There are processes that take advantage of the help of innovative, high-technology devices and laboratory tools. They are proficient and pricey. There are also the ones that are much simpler to access and are much less costly, including a home HIV test kit.

A home HIV test kit is sold from any drugstore or any medical center in your neighborhood. It is supplied in a packaging that has a tutorial with information on how to perform the test.

How To Tell If You Have HIV

As a substitute, if you can not locate one of those in an outlet next to you, you can try to find it in virtual shops. There are some web shops that retail a variety of medical items, and you will really encounter a home HIV test kit in one or more of them. Different pharmaceuticals in America, United Kingdom, and other regions of the planet are making the effort to fulfill the demands for this variety of product, so you will have a variety of manufacturers to decide upon.

A good number of home HIV test kits will require a fluid sample of the sufferer, typically blood or urine, for the test. You can do the test on your own, or solicit the assistance of others. It is important to have read the comprehensive directions and have comprehended them so that the kit can present you with a correct result. Failure to carry out the procedure will return back a faulty rating.

Whether or not you receive a positive or negative result, it is fervently advised to acquire a second opinion. Home HIV tests are still below standard what the more advanced strategies can do, so it is advisable to consult with a doctor and do one more test just to be assured.