HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has attacked many millions of people all throughout the world. As per statistics and facts, there are practically two million people in the USA who are fighting with this disease. This quantity is extremely worrying. What is a whole lot worse is that around 20 or so percent of HIV-positive people are not even conscious that they have been affected by HIV? This is one of the biggest reasons why many HIV awareness programs have been created by several organizations and groups around the world.

Testing for HIV at the Clinic

In order to know whether you have HIV or not, all you need to do is visit a doctor. There are health professionals who perform HIV tests to identify if someone has HIV. They often just need a blood sample to identify if an individual has been infected with HIV.

Home testing

Alas, there are people who are not that agreeable to the idea of heading to the doctor to discover whether they have HIV. I mean, being an HIV affected individual is already shameful enough, and having to speak about it to others just contributes to the embarrassment. This is perhaps how HIV home tests came to exist.

Not long ago, HIV home tests were authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Therefore these merchandises have been examined and known to work efficiently so that average citizens can use them. HIV home test kits let people test for HIV in the privacy of their homes. All they must do is obtain a swab sample and keep it inside the vial that accompanies the HIV test kit.

Who should use HIV home test kits?

HIV home testing kits are perfect for the following people:

  • The ones that would like to keep their ailment a secret for the meantime
  • People who are too self-conscious or too fearful to go out in the public to get tested
  • through the pressure of their acquaintances worrying about their illness
  • People who would prefer not to suffer from the emotional stress of having to go The ones that really need to get rapid trusted results without needing to leave the house
  • People who want convenience

Whilst HIV home test kits are efficient, the laboratory tests in hospitals and clinics are still advisable, particularly if you have been tested positive. Home HIV testing is only a good way to recognize how a person’s condition is and whether he or she should get treatment right away.

The Importance Of Immediate Treatment For HIV