The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, is a common STD that can infect women. In the United States, approximately 25% of those infected with HIV are women. So, to avoid being one of these victims, you have to become more aware and understand you can effectively protect yourself against this infection.

Increasing risk of infection

As a woman, doing the following activities can put you at greater risk of contracting HIV:

  • – engaging in unprotected sex
  • – having more than one sex partner
  • – using syringes or needles to inject drugs
  • – having sex with prostitutes and sex workers
  • – having sex with someone who has HIV
  • – working in the medical field where they may be exposed to infected blood

Preventing infection

If you find yourself in any of these situations, you have to start setting things right and protect yourself.

  • – use condoms every single time you have sex
  • – be in a mutually monogamous relationship
  • – avoid injecting drugs into your body
  • – wear the proper gear when working in the medical field

It is important to be vigilant against HIV and AIDS since these infections can cause serious complications that can harm the brain, heart, and other body parts.

Also, do not forget to undergo an HIV test regularly to be able to detect the virus and keep yourself updated on your health.