Do you know what syphilis is? It is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria and is known to afflict both males and females, young and old. It is frequently transmitted from a person to another via sexual contact.

Once the syphilis bacteria enters a person’s body, he or she becomes at risk of suffering from a variety of signs and symptoms. It is made up of several stages, the first of which is called the primary stage or primary syphilis.

If you are in the primary stage of syphilis, the following signs and symptoms are expected to pop up:


This is the earliest syphilis symptoms that appear in the area where the bacteria entered. It can appear in the genital region, mouth, and other body parts. Men and women can both get chancres. Most men usually get chancres close to their penises. Most women get chancres inside their vaginas or at the opening of their cervix.

Chancres can persist for about one or two months. They disappear on their own, but that does not mean that you have been cured of syphilis.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes

The lymph nodes located near the chancre will begin to swell.

These are two primary syphilis symptoms that people should use as signs to get tested for syphilis. Use a rapid syphilis screen test kit for easy, cheap, safe, and accurate syphilis testing.