Treat A Kid With Hepatitis C Infection Effectively

The treatment which is given to a child with hepatitis fully depends on what type of hepatitis C he or she is diagnosed with. As hepatitis C has six different types of genotypes, and in each type, the patient must be treated in a variety of ways and must be given the medication that he or she needs according to his or her stage which apparently means that the most important thing when a person gets tested is the diagnosis. As it is said that each of the genotypes is different from the others and must be treated in a different manner. While the child is getting treated the doctor must know all about the medical records of the child and must treat him according to what he is suffering through.

The two forms of Hepatitis C infection

Mostly when a child is exposed to hepatitis C, he suffers through acute hepatitis C, which needs no treatment or drugs to cure, all it needs is an active immune system which fights against the infection and clears everything up. When it doesn’t pass automatically, then it gets obvious that the child must be suffering from a chronic hepatitis C infection. It is also researched that the children who suffer from acute hepatitis C also suffer from chronic hepatitis C infection. As the disease apparently infects our liver so it is very rare that a child who is suffering from hepatitis C gets a liver transplant, but he goes okay through the medication. As the infection is a long-term one and takes a time of 20 to 30 years to damage a person’s liver entirely so that’s the reason why more adults have liver transplants than the other children. If a child is going to chronic hepatitis C and it is still not medically treated than the child also gets many other diseases like cirrhosis and liver scarring in their future lives.

Hepatitis C Testing - Who Should Have It

Treating a child with Hepatitis C infection

Mainly the way how a child must be treated and must be medicated depends on the type of Hepatitis C that has attacked him. The child is mostly prescribed with antivirus medicines as like the adults are too. The treatment takes 3 to 12 months to complete or even it takes more time, mainly it takes time until the child is fully free after clearing up in his viral load test.

Interferon and ribavirin are the two primary treatments which are provided to the infected children. An adult having this infection also use the following drug. But, as the time is passing more and more modern and effective drugs have been introduced in the market such as soy Aldi. It is also known as the miracle drug for the hepatitis C, but it costs a shit load of money and is only recommended to be used by the adults. Due to some reason, the administration of health care and disease prevention have recommended to not the children use them but still, a trial is going on to make this thing possible too.

There is a program known as viral hepatitis clinical care program mainly for the children diagnosed with hepatitis C. its main aim is just to hold hands of the infected children and make the journey of the treatment better for them. They provide every sort of medicines and treatments and even use some drugs that are under experiment. The plus point is that only those drugs are used which are checked by the US Food and Drug Administration so the parents won't have to care about the total health of your child as everything used safe and checked and already tested

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