STD or Sexually Transmitted Disease is one of the most common diagnoses being made every year, not only in the US but in the whole world. According to a government-run agency in the US, Sexually Transmitted Disease affects more men than women and is common among people aging 15 to 24. STD's are often treatable while and not life-threatening while there is few that cure over time. However, it doesn’t mean that if you get infected or there is a chance that you are infected, you should just wait for it to go away because there are some Sexually Transmitted Diseases that can lead to death. Here are some of the three worsts Sexually Transmitted Disease that a person should watch out.


There are three common strains of Hepatitis known as Hepatitis A, B, and C but not all three of them are considered as Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Hepatitis A is not considered as sexually transmitted infection and it can easily be prevented by having Hepatitis A vaccination. On the other hand, Hepatitis A and B are transmitted via reusing dirty needle and through contact with an infected bodily fluid from someone. These types of Hepatitis infections are deadly in a way that when left untreated, it can lead to liver damages and death.


In terms of popularity, AIDS is one of the most popular and most feared sexually transmitted infections because it has no cure yet. Medical records show though that it is not the most common type of Sexually Transmitted Disease that you can see today. A person infected with HIV can suffer from a weak immune system that can lead to death if left untreated. Since AIDS was discovered, the only progress made by doctors today is to find a drug that can slow down the virus from attacking the immune system. People who are prone to having HIV are those who are already suffering another Sexually Transmitted Disease and still engage in unprotected sex.  HIV virus enters the body through the lesions and inflamed genital parts of a person who has Sexually Transmitted Disease.

How Blood Tests Are Used to Find STDs


According to data, syphilis is the least common Sexually Transmitted Diseases diagnosed today yet despite a low number of people suffering from it, it is considered the worst of all Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Why is it very dangerous and the worst? Because syphilis doesn’t show any symptoms until it is too late to treat. Syphilis can also live in the body, remain dormant for 10 to 20 years while attacking your internal organs. Once it is too late to treat it, then it the time for it to show symptoms such as having a tiny sore on your genitals, too small that some even take it for granted.


The three worst Sexually Transmitted Diseases are worst because they are deadly and have no cure yet.  Once diagnosed, it is also too costly to seek treatment for the said conditions hence the infected person is often left to die even before knowing what their real condition is. Up to this moment, the best advice that the medical world can give is, protect yourself from such infections and always practice safe sex.