Sexually active people can be stricken with syphilis, with a bigger probability amongst the younger age group, between fifteen and thirty years old. It is most common in metropolises as compared to countryside areas.

Why Syphilis is so lethal

Syphilis can be frightening if it is not taken care of. It can stimulate hazardous health concerns and increases a person's hazard for HIV, which can often lead to AIDS. It is transmitted from a person to another by way of direct contact with a Syphilis sore. Sores come about usually on the external genitals or anal section. The ailment could even be passed on from mom to her baby while being pregnant a condition called congenital syphilis.

How you can acquire Syphilis

You can get affected by syphilis by getting into contact with an ulcer or spirochetes-rich chancre. Even the use of condoms may not be in the position to defend against sickness if the chancre is external to the female's vagina, or is located in the male's scrotum. If the ulcer is placed in the mouth, even a harmless kiss is adequate for one to get afflicted. This chancre will eventually go away after three to six weeks but may reappear at a later time as secondary syphilis if medication and therapy were not obtained or given.

Some indicators of infection

Even though an initial infection may heal by itself in many situations, especially in women, but approximately a quarter of such situations will proceed to the secondary stage of syphilis. This frequently happens after a few weeks. As a result of the systemic type of the secondary stage of syphilis, it can have an impact on more internal organs. Regular indicators of this second stage may include skin rashes on the feet or hands. They are rarely itchy, and sometimes they are even vague.

Examples Of Common Syphilis Warning Signs

Many other displayed warning signals of this second stage comprising of hair loss, white spots on the skin, like on the mouth, nose, or vagina, sore throat, along with a headache and fever. Lesions that look like genital warts could also be evident in the genital territory. These warts, and also the rash breakouts are enormously contagious. As the rashes usually reveal on the palm of the hand, even a thing as small as a handshake can send the disease to just about anyone.

Once the second stage of syphilis passes, syphilis would start the latent or warning sign free level. At this point, the syphilis patient is at a very dangerous phase of the disease and must get the appropriate treatment immediately. The assistance of a medical professional is a must.