The Symptoms Of Syphilis In Men

A type of sexually transmitted infection syphilis is what is caused by a bacterium. The bacteria that cause syphilis are transmitted through sex, regardless of whether it's anal, oral or vaginal. Infected with these bacteria may encounter men infected wounds on their genitals and these wounds are painless, spread immediately.

Infected parts of the body with syphilis

The body parts that are usually contracted with syphilis is the penis, anus, scrotum, lips, and mouth. The use of condoms can protect your scrotum and the anus infection, but if you do with an infected person oral sex, it is likely that your mouth is not safe. The thing is that syphilis can also infect with only a light touch.

There are four stages of syphilis in men

Syphilis has four stages for men and women, and we are talking about men there are four steps here.

1. Primary syphilis among men - that is, if cancer. Cancer is a small pain that the infected person often overlooked. Most men with syphilis develop an ulcer over the area where the bacteria penetrated into the body. Apparently, after 21 days, the bacteria are transmitted. Chancre heals.

2. Secondary syphilis in men - after a few weeks, as the cancer is gone begin to appear rashes. These eruptions in the trunk begin and then distributed throughout the body. These rashes are harmless and do not cause itching. However, although they have rashes, the infected person may also begin pain in the joints and neck to feel, as well as genital warts. Rashes and pain that accompanies the week after a few weeks disappear. This time, the infected person will have an idea that something is wrong.

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3. Latent syphilis in men - if you had the secondary stage and still not get the medical treatment despite recurrent symptoms, it will be a time when bacteria are dormant, so you think was all just nightmares. Hidden phase or out of the sight stage is when the bacteria to do nothing, when in fact, it has become more severe, entering the final stage or tertiary syphilis.

4. Tertiary syphilis among men - looking at least a third of people with syphilis end late stage of syphilis up, not for medical treatment or to stop treatment. There is no mean by which you can know how individuals who have HPV cancer or other health problems develop. People (life including people living with HIV / AIDS) with a weakened immune system can fight against HPV, and more prone to develop for their health problems are less able. When you get to this stage, syphilis bacteria can now result in severe damage, affecting the blood vessels in the heart, eyes, brain, and liver. It can now even affect joints and bones. These complications are now too severe, and expensive medical treatment is necessary.


If according to you, you are at risk of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, always attentive to the small symptoms. Regardless of symptoms such as pain can lead to serious illness, when in fact, these infections can be treated. Like everyone else, there sexually transmitted disease, syphilis is very treatable!