What are STDs?

STDs stand for "sexually-transmitted diseases". They are infections brought about by viruses, bacteria, and other types of microorganisms and can cause all sorts of symptoms and complications.

Who can get STDs?

Literally, all of us are at risk for STDs. These things can strike you regardless of your gender, age, nationality, employment history, religion, culture, and so on.

How are STDs transmitted?

There are different ways to transmit STDs:

  •  unprotected sex
  •  use of infected drug paraphernalia
  •  use of infected piercing and tattooing equipment
  •  from an infected pregnant female to her fetus/baby

How are STDs detected?

STDs can be detected with the use of rapid STD test kits, which are devices designed to diagnose STD infections accurately in as fast as 15 minutes.

To avoid all the severe complications caused by STDs, prompt STD testing is recommended.