All are vulnerable to contracting this STD. Not one person is exempt. Studies say, young women, especially those in their teenage years, tend to be more in jeopardy to acquiring the condition due to the fact that their cervix has not yet arrived at the full developmental level. On top of that, those who are into doing sexual intercourse with numerous partners usually tend to get Chlamydia or other STDs even.

Should you fall into the group stated earlier, it is for your best interest to undertake a Chlamydia test. As reported by stats, several Chlamydia patients do not show any kind of symptoms, and that is the reason why I am stating this again: get tested for Chlamydia immediately.

Symptoms that Females encounter

Females infected with this STD will encounter lower back pains, fever, abdominal pains, painful sexual intercourse, nausea, and irregular menstruation. They are prone to getting the infection spread to more regions of their bodies like the rectum, cervix, and the fallopian tubes. If and when they do not get tested and obtain treatment right away, they will move onto the more severe stage of the disease wherein PID or pelvic inflammatory disease might take place, and irreversible scars on the uterus, cervix, and fallopian tubes would seem. They are also on the brink of being infertile or dealing with ectopic pregnancy. They might even die from the illness if things get out of hand.

 Symptoms in men

On the other hand, males afflicted with Chlamydia will encounter a burning sensation when they urinate. They would have swollen testicles and unusual discharge being released by their penises. They will also demonstrate some lesions and get Reiter’s syndrome, a kind of arthritis that disturbs a small number of people.

Why Do Doctors Recommend Chlamydia Testing?

 Getting treatment

It is most important to get tested to get the correct treatment for all these symptoms. There is no reason to merely wait and neglect all these. Visit the closest hospital or STD clinic and have yourself examined. Testing Chlamydia must be your priority one especially if you have been sleeping around as well as have had unprotected sex. Your health is important to do what you can to ensure that it stays intact. Testing Chlamydia is vital in giving prompt treatment for its sufferers. This infection does not always reveal symptoms the moment it starts to strike the human body, so Chlamydia tests need to be completed before it is too late.