The spread of syphilis is a thing that needs to be taken seriously. Each year, more and more people are falling victim to this very contagious sexually-transmitted infection. People should be informed what syphilis is, the destruction it will bring, the way to avoid it, and how to cure it.

To begin with, we need to understand what causes syphilis and know what it does as soon as it goes into a person’s human body.

Syphilis identified

Syphilis is an STD triggered by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It is recognized to show signs and symptoms that are much like other infections, thus getting the moniker “the great imitator.”

In the USA alone, around 40, 000 cases of syphilis are recorded each year and most of the infected patients are between the ages of twenty and 39 years old.

Syphilis stages

There are actually three stages of syphilis. These are the primary syphilis stage, secondary syphilis stage, and tertiary syphilis stage.

The primary stage of syphilis occurs no less than 2 to 3 weeks since contact with the infection. In this particular stage, an individual who has been afflicted with the syphilis bacteria will show a tiny, round, painless sore known as a chancre. A chancre shows up in the area wherein the syphilis bacterium has entered the body. It could show up on the skin, mouth area, genitals, or some other body part.

The secondary stage of syphilis comes about around a few weeks or months since the initial appearance of a chancre. In this stage, a syphilis patient encounters, even more, signs or symptoms which include a throbbing headache, appetite loss, weight-loss, rash breakouts, and fever.

The tertiary stage of syphilis is usually called the late benign syphilis. It is the concluding stage of syphilis and in this stage; a patient’s human body has already suffered lots of harm and damage. Many internal organs have already been impacted which includes the blood vessels, heart, other cardiovascular bodily organs, and even the central nervous system.

Syphilis test

An individual who manifests any one of the warning signs of syphilis stated previously needs to go through a syphilis test so that the infection can be diagnosed. Failing to get tested for syphilis could put anyone at risk of developing severe problems that can tremendously affect a person’s overall health.

Know The Symptoms Of Syphilis

Check with a doctor or head to the closest medical center to get a syphilis test. In this manner, treatment can be given immediately if the results are positive.