Chlamydia can go undetected for a while, that is why it is usually called the silent disease. The instant it infects a person, it can begin causing damage while not being seen. Across the nation, around three million women and men are affected with Chlamydia per annum, and factoring in the amount of Chlamydia infections in other countries, the totality of Chlamydia infections yearly is simply enough reason to be anxious.

The symptoms of Chlamydia

Both men and women can acquire the Chlamydia infection, but we are going to focus on the symptoms of Chlamydia in men right now.

Chlamydia indicators in males are usually subtle, and they generally not make an appearance in the beginning. For that reason, it is important to get a Chlamydia test to deal with the problem at once. Males who get the Chlamydia infection might have numerous complications with their sperm quality. If neglected, Chlamydia can bring about an unusual discharge from the penis or begin the inflammation of the scrotum, which results in blood loss, testicular distress, and painful urination. Someone who is put in contact with the penis discharge of a Chlamydia-infected male can also get the infection. If this comes into the eye, it can result in blindness. It is really important to be aware of the harm and damage Chlamydia can do.

Testing and dealing with the disease

A male could guard himself against struggling with these sorts of serious complications by getting tested for Chlamydia at its advent. Chlamydia testing in men can either be a urine test or a swab test. He must go to and consult a doctor in case he thinks he has acquired Chlamydia. He has to stay away from having sex until he is totally treated for Chlamydia. Sexually-active men ought to have Chlamydia screening annually or before entering into a new sexual relationship. As much as possible, he should also encourage his partner to get tested for Chlamydia in addition to other STDs so that you can be free from danger. You must not have sex with a Chlamydia-infected man as this can end up with various complications.

Chlamydia – Questions And Answers

Chlamydia awareness is vital so that males of all ages can have the knowledge on how to protect themselves from this STD. Chlamydia is known to trigger these destructive symptoms, so they must learn how to ward them off and keep themselves healthy. Undergo a routine checkup so as you are aware of the state of your health and well-being all the time.