STD is something that happens all the time especially if you do not pay any attention to who you actually have sexual intercourse with. Its the ultimate way to say and give that middle little finger to society and let everyone know that if you want to do it, then you'll do it. You're not scared of any little viruses; it won't come in the way of your good time. Of course not. STD does not scare real men. It makes men out of women. And men out of dogs. That's the true beauty of the art of sexual intercourse with a woman. You don't really need anything else but your fire hose and the need to just put it in something.

Take it slowly or you might get hurt

You have to do it slowly first or else you might just get hurt with all the bad things you've been doing to her. Yes it seems very harmless but they also do have feelings, you know. Society might be watching and big brother has his eye on everything but they can't always control you. The man won't be able to do anything if you're born to be this way because it's completely normal. If people try to tell you otherwise, then you can just point a shotgun at them and tell them it is all the normal and these things in the world that people try to leave me alone.

STDs and how they impact our teens

The teens are always the ones getting into trouble. If they had just happened to manage their feelings before marriage then none of the messy things that are happening now would have ever happened. The important thing is that our government must be able to utilize the money that they are given properly so that they can help other younger people do what they need to do without having to make them completely unaware of why they are doing it in the first place. This is where a proper form of sexual education must be implemented. If people don't realize the importance of this, then all of our teens will have babies in their arms at such young ages.

About Mind-blowing Statistical Facts About STD That Would Leave You Speechless

How being a teen and having STD can negatively impact your life

It is said that people with bad things and the bad people will have bad memories of how and when they first do it and then do it to the next person. If they don't do it properly then they might not have a little boy in the front of their first door. The kids must be educated on sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases otherwise the country will be impacted beyond saving.