What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is one among the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases these days. It is a disease that happens to be said to have started in Europe. It is a terrible thing to obtain and individuals afflicted with it endure the consequences of different symptoms that grow to be a whole lot worse if the infection is not dealt with until they can definitely no longer enjoy their ordinary day-to-day lives.

Similar to other STDs like HIV and AIDS, syphilis is not anything that you would probably wish to have. It is a condition that we must avoid. It is brought on by a bacterium known as the Treponema pallidum, and this can be passed on from someone to another in several ways.

Ways in which Syphilis is transmitted

The most usual way of transmission of syphilis is by means of sexual intercourse. Once an individual afflicted with syphilis has intercourse with an uninfected individual, the former will transmit the harmful bacteria to the other by letting the bacteria to get in via the cracks located in the epithelium around the genital region. Other methods to transmit syphilis are thru skin contact, kissing, masturbating other individuals, as well as other sexual physical interactions.

Testing for Syphilis

Since it is very simple to pass the syphilis harmful bacteria to others, you should test for syphilis once you believe that you might have contracted it. A syphilis test is essential so as to verify whether or not you have the infection. Should you be tested positive for syphilis, you could right away get treatment and avoid spreading the infection to others unintentionally. Or else, you are going to be acquiring a lot more signs or symptoms and you are going to get to the next stages of the infection in which your whole body could begin to fall apart. Testing for syphilis will also help your sexual partner be aware of whether or not they need to also get a syphilis test.

There are numerous strategies to get tested for syphilis. One of the most hassle-free among them is simply by visiting STD clinics. These STD clinics carry out different types of STD exams which include syphilis testing. Testing for syphilis is necessary most especially when you have got a powerful worry that you might have been afflicted with syphilis.

A syphilis test is performed by obtaining a patient’s blood sample. The blood is going to be assessed for any indication that it has recently been contaminated with the syphilis bacteria. The syphilis testing will expose in case you truly have the infection. In the event you end up as positive for syphilis, you must go through treatment right away. A medical doctor will assist you to find the finest treatment method available. In case you are tested negative for syphilis, you should apply all the precautionary measures to not contract syphilis later on.

Different Syphilis Tests