The moment syphilis affects a man or a woman, he or she is required to get a syphilis test, especially when he or she has not been through one yet. The ailment can move on into a more serious complication if it is disregarded.

The stages of Syphilis infection and how they look like

Any person who is in the early stage of syphilis will have small sores showing up around the genital site. They are not agonizing but will be noticeable there for approximately six weeks.

In the second stage, sections of the red and pink types will begin to arise in several regions of the body. They are rashes that may sooner or later turn dark brown or darkish red. A patient will also get fever, fatigue, and headache. He or she will lose a good amount of weight and go through soreness of the lymph nodes.

The indicators in the latent stage are controlled by whether a patient has procured any type of treatment for the ailment or not. If a patient is using prescription medication, he or she might not demonstrate any more indicators as the first and second stage signals are already starting to go away. Or else, the bacteria will find its way to the other body parts and systems and begin assaulting each of them.

Testing and dealing with Syphilis

Upon finding the warning signs of syphilis, one is suggested to talk to a doctor instantly. There are many methods to test for syphilis, and they are created to figure out the situation of the patient. Blood, urine, or saliva samples could be essential for analysis and diagnosis, so the patient must be ready.

Syphilis Overview

The usual treatment for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics just like ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These types of medication will work the disease and try to get rid of all the symptoms. Pay attention to the unwanted effects that could take place including fever, sweating, headaches, and more rashes. These are usually, but to be assured, better talk to a medical professional about it.

Victims who are in the latent stage will need to undertake treatment methods that are longer and more intricate. They might need to proceed through a series of blood tests and follow up exams.

Prevention is always better

Prevention, for this reason, is still the perfect cure. Apply safe sex and get tested frequently especially if you are sexually active. If you already had the illness before, refrain from having sex for a long time because there is a tremendous chance that the ailment will relapse.