You have already probably heard about safe sex a million times. It has been brought up by parents, teachers, and other adults that want only the best for us while growing up.

So what makes safe sex very important? 

Safe sex basically just means using protection when having sex and making smart decisions before and while engaging in it.

If you just met your sex partner and you decide to have sex with them, always have condoms ready. This latex material can help prevent the transmission of the bacteria or virus causing STD.

Risking infection

Also, it is important to know that sharing sex toys with other people can put you at risk for STDs. Therefore, try not to do that. STDs can contaminate those things and when you insert them into your anus, vagina, or mouth, the STDs can get passed on to you.

If possible, stick to one sex partner at a time and get tested with them before having sex. That way, you and they are aware of how your health statuses are. Know that STD testing will protect all parties involved. If anyone of you tests positive for an STD, then that person can immediately get an STD test and receive treatment, saving the other one from the dangers of contracting the same infection.

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Sexually Transmitted Infections And Women