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Tests To Determine Syphilis

Syphilis is a bacterial infection caused by Treponema pallidum. It is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases today, and millions of people are suffering from it every year.

Modes of transmission

There are various methods of transmission for syphilis.

  1. First, it can be passed on from one person to another through unprotected sex. Syphilis infected person can transmit the bacteria to another person by having unprotected vaginal, oral, or anal sex.
  2. Second, syphilis can be transmitted by using contaminated needles, syringes, and other paraphernalia. Using needles, etc. used by syphilis patients will also pass the bacteria around and contaminate other people.
  3. Finally, a woman who is pregnant and has syphilis can pass the bacteria on to her baby.

Stages of syphilis

Syphilis undergoes three stages once it infects an individual.

  1. The first stage involves the appearance of sores in the infected area of the body. These sores may appear on the genitals and around that region, on the rectum, or the mouth. These will last for between four and six weeks and then disappear.
  2. The second stage is characterized by the appearance of more sores that are now spread in other parts of the body. Some people are able to fight off some of these sores, especially if they have a rather strong immune system. Others fail to do it so they progress to the next and final stage of syphilis.
  3. The third stage of syphilis is called the tertiary stage of syphilis. During the stage, the infection has already affected more cells, tissues, and organs in the body. People who are in the tertiary stage of syphilis should go out and get treated for syphilis. The bacteria have already reached the nervous system, skeletal system, circulatory system, and others so the proper measures should be applied as soon as possible.
How Dangerous Is Syphilis

In the United States alone, several thousands of people are reported to have been infected with the syphilis bacteria, and that number does not include the several thousand more that have not been diagnosed.

Syphilis tests

There are several ways to test for syphilis. You can go to a health center and get a syphilis test as soon as you manifest the symptoms. You can also buy a home syphilis test kit over the counter or go online and look for websites that sell these syphilis home testing kits. Syphilis can be treated so you need to act before it is too late!