syphilis detection

There are several syphilis tests that are being used to detect syphilis in your body, of which the antibody ones are most frequently used. These tests actually help detect the bacteria that is the main cause of syphilis infection. These antibody tests help discover foreign antibodies that can be found in the blood. These tests are used frequently because there are two main versions that are connected, and according to the results of one version of the test, syphilis can be detected accurately by using the other in combination with the first test. This technique gives the doctors the best results when it comes to detecting syphilis in your body.

Two versions of antibody tests

These two different versions of the syphilis test are used in combination with one another in order to give the best test results. They are:

  • Treponemal; these tests are very common for syphilis detection in particular, and they are used to discover the bacteria that causes syphilis. When syphilis enters your body, it creates these unusual antibodies which stay in the bloodstream for the rest of your life. If this test is positive, it is followed by another test that we are going to talk about as well, in order to distinguish from a treated infection and a syphilis infection that is currently occupying your body. Some of these tests are, for example, FTA-ABS, which is performed when a person is exposed to syphilis for more than three weeks and is about to get infected with syphilis, while TP-PA can on occasion be used to substitute the FTA_ABS test because it gives more accurate results. There are a few more of these kinds of tests, but they are not used that often anymore to detect syphilis in your body.
  • Nontreponemal; obviously, as the name of the test says, this test is the exact opposite of the treponemal test. It is used to discover those antibodies that are not directly connected with syphilis, but they exist in the body, only under different conditions that the syphilis ones. When used, these tests can not only detect syphilis antibodies in your body, but it can also detect several other serious diseases. That is why this test is used in combination with the treponemal test, to get more accurate results regarding the detection of syphilis in your body. Some of these tests include RPR, which is used to get a better insight into syphilis treatment, and VDRL, which is usually used to diagnose neuro-syphilis by using cerebrospinal fluid.
The Benefits Of Timely Syphilis Testing

More information on syphilis detection tests

If you think that you might be infected with syphilis and you want to do the test, you should pay attention to syphilis specific symptoms, if you are currently involved in another sexually transmitted disease treatment, if you are expecting a baby, if you are a man that has unprotected sex with other men, meaning that the risk of getting infected with syphilis is much higher, or if you are infected with HIV. Consult your doctor to find out where to get tested for syphilis.