To keep our body clean and fresh all the time, we have our liver to clean it. Our liver is one of the organs responsible for cleaning our body from waste and toxins. Our liver is responsible as well in digesting our foods and keeping it where it is so we can use it for our daily energy needs. If our liver gets infected with a virus that causes Hepatitis B, then that is where the problem begins.

Testing Hepatitis B in Kids

Hepatitis means inflammation and when we say Hepatitis, it is the inflammation of that particular organ in our body- our liver. When a person gets infected with Hepatitis B virus, that virus lives in the liver and slowly damages it.

Hepatitis B symptoms in children

Children infected with acute Hepatitis B don’t often have symptoms or signs that they are infected. If there are some symptoms in children, the most common are jaundice and losing appetite. Their body will try to fight this infection but if the infection stays for 6 months, it is now categorized as chronic Hepatitis B infection.

Most children with Hepatitis B end up having chronic Hepatitis B infection probably because their body is not strong enough to fight the infection. Adults with chronic Hepatitis B infection can get cleared from this infection without the need for treatment and they get fined.

How to test kids for Hepatitis B infection


Your kid must undergo serology. This is the study of the blood and its components to check if there is a presence of Hepatitis B. Serology looks for any signs of Hepatitis B in the blood or the antigens of Hepatitis B virus. A positive result means your kids have Hepatitis B virus. After six months, test your child again with serology. If the result is still positive, it means your kid has now chronic Hepatitis B infection.

The ABC of Hepatitis Virus

Testing viral load

The next test that your kid might need to do is to check the Hepatitis B viral load in his blood. This test will determine how much virus is in his blood at the moment. If your kid is on medication, this test will determine if the medicine is working favorably or not.

Liver Enzymes Test

The Liver Enzymes Test is a blood test that aims to check how the liver is doing with the virus infecting it. There are two blood tests here, the ALT and AST tests. This test will show as well if the liver is still working okay.

If your kid is exposed to someone with Hepatitis B virus, you should have him tested immediately even if he is protected by this vaccine. There are always changes in the way viruses and bacteria works and lives and who knows, there might be new strains of Hepatitis B that are resistant to vaccines. A new virus strain appears from time to time so you better watch out all the time for your kids to be on the safe side.