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Testing For Syphilis – Why It Has To Be Done Right Away

Syphilis is one those kinds of prevalent STDs that we have been forewarned about. It is a complication that could endure all our life. It has numerous uncomfortable side effects to the human body and it may lead to far more severe medical conditions if left undiagnosed and with no treatment.

Various Stages Of Syphilis

Those people that get afflicted with syphilis may not manifest signs and symptoms until after some time, even after a few years. The usual signs and symptoms of a patient in the early stage of the illness will show one or more sore that is pain-free, hard, and small. The sore can repair by itself, and this is the main reason why a lot of people do not know that they have syphilis ahead of time.

A patient arrives at the second stage and more rashes show on the body, combined with a sore throat, fever, muscle aches, headaches, hair loss, genital lumps, enlargement of lymph nodes/glands, and tiredness. These symptoms will vanish and heal alone, like the first stage indicators. Then again, the awful thing about that fact is that just as before, the patient is left to believe that he or she is fine and there is nothing to be concerned about his or overall health.

If the illness is still undiagnosed and with no treatment after the second stage, the disease will turn out to be more severe complications that are way dangerous and destructive. The late stage of syphilis includes the more vital internal organs of the body including the liver, brain, bones, nerves, and joints. A man or woman who is enduring this syphilis stage will feel numbness, dementia, paralysis, stroke, membrane soreness, poor muscle coordination, and blindness. He or she may eventually die from all these problems if the appropriate medication and health therapies are not provided to him or her instantly.

Syphilis Testing – How It Can Help People Today

How To Test For The Syphilis Infection

A man or woman afflicted with syphilis must go through diagnostic tests to sense the occurrence of the infection. Normally, a medical doctor will analyze the sores to validate the kind of STD that the patient has. A blood sample will also be drawn so that the existence of syphilis antibodies can be confirmed. This test provides correct results and is secure and inexpensive. In the beginning, there can be a possibility of not having the ability to sense the antibodies, but it is highly urged to take several more blood tests for affirmation and guarantee.