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Testing For Syphilis

Everyone is conscious of the presence of a lot of different varieties of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. They have possibly heard about them on the headlines, read about them on papers and science textbooks, or stumbled on them in their health curriculum.

Syphilis is regarded as one of these prevalent STDs that we have been forewarned about. It is a problem that could endure all our existence. It has many uncomfortable side effects to the human body and it may well lead to much more critical health conditions if left undiagnosed and neglected.

Various stages of syphilis

Folks who get infected with syphilis will likely not display signs or symptoms until after a while, even after a few years. The well-known warning signs of an individual in the early stage of the infection will present one or sorer that is pain-free, solid, and little. The sore can mend without help, and this is the real cause why a lot of people do not recognize that they have syphilis in advance.

An individual arrives at the second stage the moment intense rashes show again on the body, along with a sore throat, fever, muscle ache, headaches, hair loss, genital lumps, lymph nodes inflammation, and weakness. These kinds of symptoms will go away and alleviate on their own, just as the earliest stage indicators. Yet, the negative thing about that information is that yet again, the patient is left to believe that he or she is all right and there is not a single thing to be worried about his or health and wellness.

In the event that the health issue is still undiagnosed and neglected after the 2nd stage, the illness would become more severe and become far risky and damaging. The last stage of syphilis includes the more vital organs of the body like the nerves, liver, brain, bones, and joints. An individual who is encountering this syphilis stage will have numbness, dementia, paralysis, stroke, membrane inflammation, poor muscle coordination, and blindness. He or she will ultimately die from all these issues if the correct prescription medication and health solutions are not provided to him or her promptly.

Ways to test for syphilis

An individual affected with syphilis must go through diagnostic tests to identify the existence of the infection. In most cases, a doctor will look at the sores to confirm the kind of STD that the patient has. A blood sample is usually taken so that the existence of syphilis antibodies can be confirmed. This test provides precise results and is risk-free and inexpensive. On the outset, there may be a possibility of not having the capacity to sense the antibodies, but it is highly suggested to take a couple of more blood tests for affirmation and safety.

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A person can also have antibiotic treatment where he or she is recommended with penicillin to combat the sickness. He or she must take the medications for many months to quite a few years. People who are allergic to penicillin will be supplied either erythromycin or tetracycline.