If you decide to go through HIV testing, there are many different HIV testing methods that you may want to look into. Some testing procedures require blood samples, while others need swab samples or urine samples.

Testing procedures in a medical facility

The majority of HIV tests that require blood samples are done in a medical facility, so you have to know what the closest clinic is in your area that offers this service. Once the testing is performed, you have to wait for about a week to receive the test result back.

Other healthcare facilities offer rapid HIV tests that need an oral swab sample from the patient or a small amount of blood from a finger prick. Then, after about 15 to 20 minutes, the test result can already be available. However, if you get a positive test result from this rapid testing, it is advised to undergo a follow-up test to verify that you indeed have HIV.

Also, if you go through HIV testing in a medical facility, some of them offer an option for patients to have confidential or anonymous testing. By confidential, they mean that they will put your name and other necessary information in your test results and will be included in your medical records that will be kept private, except maybe if your insurance company asks for these. By anonymous, they mean that your name or any other personal information is not used, and what they have is just an identification number attached to your HIV test results. Once it is time to get the results back, you just have to present the number to them and get the one that matches yours.

How Do You Get HIV?

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