Chlamydia is a huge, harmful STD. The large majority of females, approximately three-quarters of those battling this disease, are without indicators so they do not even know they have been infected with Chlamydia. If signals do come up, they could be mistaken for a urinary tract infection or vaginal yeast infection. Burning aches and pains during urination or vaginal release are among the more common signs and symptoms.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

However, when the infection gets up to the higher portion of the fallopian tubes or cervix, stomach pain may present, together with fever, nausea, back pain, pain with intercourse, or abnormal menstrual bleeding. It is vital that you see a healthcare professional if you discover these particular signs and symptoms.

Seeing that numerous ladies have no warning alerts, and since the infection is generally mistaken for another issue, complications could display even before a lady has learned she is infected. Practically almost half of untreated ladies at some point end up getting pelvic inflammatory disease, which can result in blockage of the fallopian tubes, chronic pelvic pain, or infertility.

Typically, the problems are not totally severe. Despite this, in case the fallopian tubes end up being comprehensively scarred, an ectopic or tubal pregnancy might transpire. If this is not identified early on, the tube may blow up, causing internal bleeding, which is often deadly. Let me share yet another terrible fact, i.e. if you happen to already have Chlamydia and are then exposed to HIV, you are five times as vulnerable to become stricken with HIV in comparison with if you don't have Chlamydia. An individual infected with one sexually transmitted disease is an increased chance of having contracted one more too.

Where Can I Buy A Chlamydia Test Kit?

Premature birth is a possible condition for expectant ladies afflicted with Chlamydia. Afflicted ladies may pass the malady to their kids, who could have issues with infection in their lungs or eyes, and in some cases pneumonia.

Why Chlamydia is lethal

On the other side, one-half of infected guys don't have warning signals and therefore can transfer the health problem on without even knowing it. Those people that do have signs and symptoms typically exhibit burning during urination, and so could confuse this STD with a urinary tract infection. Every so often, the infection distributes up all through the urethra and bladder to the epididymis, causing pain in the testicular zone, in some instances fever, and once in a while sterility.

Should you have got some of the above warnings consult with your doctor right away before irreversible troubles transpire. If you do not possess indications but feel concerned you could have been exposed, talk to your doctor too. Any sexually active male or female has to be tested every year for Chlamydia, especially those in their teens and young adulthood. All expecting moms should be tested as well. Antibiotic treatment solutions are simple and highly effective but are usually not able to get rid of scarring from a prolonged infection, so do not hold off seeing a medical practitioner for this potentially critical sickness.