A person ought to take a test for syphilis the instant he or she recognizes the first number of signs and symptoms so that treatment can be employed before the disease spreads to other parts of the body or to other people.

Although diagnosing syphilis can be quite challenging due to its warning signs resemblance to the warning signs of other illnesses, we have to examine the illness more closely and be informed about its qualities.

The syphilis infection occurs in four stages. An afflicted man/woman would not display various symptoms at the very early stage and will have a tendency to disregard and fail to remember it in a matter of days. He or she will only be reminded of the bacteria yet again the time the worse warning signs manifest.

The first stage of syphilis

This takes place at least two weeks after a person contracts the illness. It commonly endures up to three months. At this point, a patient would get skin sores referred to as chancres. Chancres can arise on any section of the body, but they tend to be more typical in the nether areas including the scrotum, anus, penis, vagina, and even the mouth. They are not agonizing and will vanish in around a couple of weeks. This does not suggest that you are remedied from syphilis. The bacteria continue to be there and you must do something about them right away. If not cured, the infection will begin the second stage.

The second stage of syphilis

This may be the time when syphilis is the most contagious. It is when the disease begins to spread around the body. The signs and symptoms consist of fever, skin rashes, the loss of hair, losing weight, inflammation of the lymph nodes, migraines, appetite loss, and muscle and joint pains. If not handled, the disease will begin the latent stage.

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The latent stage of syphilis

This does not truly have any specific noticeable warning signs. So that you can see whether you still have the ailment, you must go through a blood test for syphilis. Instant treatment needs to be completed so that moving ahead to the final and lethal stage will be escaped.

The tertiary stage of syphilis

This may be one of the worst issues that can happen to you. At this juncture, a patient is likely to bear the infection for at least two more years up to twenty years. The bacteria will end up inescapable. It will assault and ruin more organs and systems inside the body. That's the reason why you need to get tested for syphilis as soon as possible.