Only selected HIV home test kits are reliable and trustworthy in terms of diagnosing HIV and they can be obtained by going online or by phone. A person to be HIV tested gets designated a particular code for verification uses. This helps sustain HIV testing as secure as possible. Kits commonly include a tool that can be used to prick the finger and a test card that will contain the blood sample.

Conducting an HIV test

The minute the blood test is done, you need to pack it up and send it to a specifically specified laboratory for assessment. Results will be back to you in around seven days. Aside from getting the end results via phone, you may ask for hard copies of the results through postal mail or fax with the exam results.

Occasionally, the more reliable HIV kit suppliers do provide counseling services, before and after the HIV test. You ought to ask for that from the maker which you purchased the HIV test kit from.

Finding credible HIV test kits

In addition to that, many home kits are available in some shops. These kits either require pricking a finger or swabbing the mouth with a specially furnished oral sponge.Outcomes are ensured no less than five minutes after the test. There is not any laboratory or even counseling services. Yet somehow, as they are not FDA certified, they are not legally marketed in the US as an HIV test.

FDA validated HIV tests are considered to be something that can actually be trusted and is accurate. Those tests, which are unauthorized and not authorized by the FDA, have not been demonstrated to have a statistically vital part of reliability, nor can they be tracked for precision and dependability of final result. Independent laboratories may have certified for accuracy and authenticity of these non-FDA approved tests, but the FDA has rigid and challenging testing specifications that individual laboratories would possibly not abide by.

Tests for detecting HIV virus

Home HIV tests recognized by the FDA generally cost around fifty to seventy dollars, whilst non-FDA approved tests generally cost twenty dollars or less. The FDA observes sales in America of any HIV test unauthorized by the FDA to ensure that no misrepresentation takes place. Sadly, several of these non-FDA accepted manufacturers still guarantee certainty and reliability and confirmation of results, much to the hazard of the many who purchase these kits without the proper knowledge and specifics about these merchandises.