Being infected with Hepatitis C is a major health risk. It is a disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus, and it can do severe harm and damage to the liver if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

The best way to detect Hepatitis C early on

To detect Hepatitis C early on, relying on visible signs and symptoms is not going to work because most of the time, Hepatitis C does not trigger these warning signs. If you simply wait for these to appear, you are just putting yourself in grave danger. A lot of Hepatitis C cases can remain symptom-free for months and years.

So, the best thing to do is to undergo Hepatitis C testing. Testing for Hepatitis C is done to find out if the virus has really invaded your body. It can tell important things about your disease and how it can be dealt with. It can also find out how bad your liver has been affected and what other medical conditions have stemmed from your Hepatitis C infection.

Types of Hepatitis C

There are two varieties of Hepatitis C that might afflict you if you contract the virus:

  • Acute Hepatitis C – which is a short-term disease
  • Chronic Hepatitis C – which is the more severe and long-term one

People with acute Hepatitis C are advised to talk to a doctor to know the best treatment solution to take. This type of Hepatitis C is easier to treat and can be managed appropriately with early testing and medication.

Testing for chronic Hepatitis C usually involves numerous blood tests. Patients are also recommended to undergo a liver biopsy to learn more about the condition of their livers. They are then prescribed with various antiviral medications to get rid of the virus.

Hepatitis C - Common Questions And Queries