Many people end up not knowing that they have been infected with syphilis until all the worst complications manifest. The reason for this is because syphilis is one of those sexually transmitted diseases that do not trigger a whole bunch of visible signs and symptoms the moment they strike someone. It usually waits for some time before striking that serious blow.

If you are scared of getting syphilis, you have to know how to protect yourself against it. Do not have sex. If that is not possible, always use protection anytime you engage in any kind of sexual act --- anal, oral, or vaginal. Use condoms all the time to lower the chances of you getting afflicted.

Signs and symptoms of Syphilis

Now, if you still, unfortunately, got infected with syphilis, watch out for the following signs and symptoms:

Chancre - this is the round, painless sore that appears a few days after the initial syphilis infection. It can be there for about three to six weeks and will disappear on its own, even without any kind of treatment.

After the chancre is gone, no symptom will show up for a significant number of days. This does not mean that the syphilis is also gone.

Rashes - these are the next syphilis warning signs to be wary of. They will appear in various parts of the body and will usually be accompanied by fever, headaches, and fatigue.

Everyone is advised to get syphilis tested the moment those signs pop up. Use a rapid syphilis test kit to get an accurate test result in just 15 minutes. Visit STD Rapid Test Kits to buy certified rapid syphilis test kits now.

Symptoms And Complications Caused By Syphilis