Plenty of people have no desire for other people to make out that they are afflicted with a sexually-transmitted disease like syphilis thanks to all of the negativism towards an STD has. Apart from shame, a patient will need to put up with all the ridicule and judgments from other people that he or she does not need to have at this tough point in time.

The thing that a syphilis-infected individual requires at this point is a syphilis test, most especially if he or she has not gone through one yet. The infection can develop into a more serious complication if it is disregarded.

Syphilis Signs and symptoms

Someone who is in the early phase of syphilis will get small sores showing up around the genital region. They are not excruciating but will be noticeable there for as long as six weeks.

In the next stage, patches of the red-colored and pink colored types will begin to come out in several parts of the human body. They are rash breakouts that may ultimately turn brownish or dark reddish. A patient will also get a fever, exhaustion, and throbbing headaches. He or she could lose some amount of weight and have inflammation of the lymph nodes.

The signs or symptoms in the latent stage are determined by whether a patient has obtained any specific treatment for the infection or not. If the sufferer is getting medication, he or she would possibly not demonstrate any more signs or symptoms as the first and second stage indicators are already starting to go away. Or else, the bacteria are going to find their way to the other body organs and systems and begin assaulting all of them. The cardiovascular system, your bones, joints, human brain, and the nervous system are going to be put to a lot of risks when this takes place. Numbness, paralysis, and dementia are only three of awful case scenarios this individual may have to cope with.

Syphilis Testing And Treatment Solutions

Upon recognizing the symptoms of syphilis, people are urged to visit a doctor at once. There are numerous ways to test for syphilis, and they are made to figure out the overall condition of the patient. Blood, urine, or saliva samples are generally needed for examination and diagnosis, so the patient must be ready.

The typical treatment for syphilis is penicillin and other antibiotics such as ceftriaxone, erythromycin, and tetracycline. These types of medication will work the bacterial infection and make sure to get rid of all the signs or symptoms. Understand the side effects that may occur like fever, excessive sweating, headaches, and more rash breakouts. These are normal, but to be certain, speak with your doctor about this.

Recognize The Signs Of Syphilis

Affected individuals who are in the latent stage will need to go through treatments that are longer and more complicated. They might have to undergo a number of blood tests and follow up checkups.

Prevention, in this instance, continues to be the best cure. Put into practice safe sex and get tested whenever you can most especially when you are sexually active. If you happen to already have the disease before, avoid having sex for quite a while because there is a great chance that the infection will relapse.