To precisely know if you have syphilis, you have to undergo syphilis testing. There are many ways to test for syphilis, such as by going to the doctor or a medical clinic or using a rapid syphilis test kit.

It is important that you test for syphilis as soon as you can so as to detect the infection right away. The longer you wait, the riskier your situation becomes.

Syphilis can trigger various signs and symptoms that can bring pain and discomfort. It still not treated for a long time, it can cause serious complications that can affect the major bodily organs, including your reproductive system.

Testing for Syphilis early

So, get tested for syphilis at the earliest opportunity to avoid this terrible situation.

If you go to a health center to get tested, you will be asked a few questions by a health worker. You need to answer those honestly so as to come up with a more fitting diagnosis and overall feel of your dilemma.

But, if you choose to use a rapid syphilis test kit, you can privately conduct the testing at home and perform the test by yourself. This device is small and handy, and it comes with a detailed instruction manual on how to implement the test. You simply have to follow the steps to get an accurate test result in the end.