What is syphilis?

Syphilis is a sexually-transmitted disease brought on by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It is typically contracted by way of sexual contact with an individual who bears the infection. It can also be passed on from an infected mommy to her child while maternity or upon childbirth.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of syphilis are split up into four, based on which stage the affected individual is in. There are four levels of syphilis and they are the primary stage, secondary stage, latent stage, and tertiary stage. The most commonly encountered symptom during the first stage is a painless skin ulceration known as a chancre .Afterwards, in the second stage, the individual will have rashes on certain parts of his or her body. In the latent stage, it is typical for the signs or symptoms to go away. In the tertiary stage, that is when the patient is going to encounter cardiac as well as neurological signs or symptoms.

How one can test for syphilis

it is very hard to test for syphilis and be diagnosed with it simply because this kind of infection has been known to mimic the signs and symptoms of other illnesses. The most popular procedure for syphilis testing is by means of a blood test. The patient will give you a blood sample which will be checked on and examined for any trace of the bacteria.

A swab sample could also be used for the syphilis test. It is actually considered to be more precise when providing results.

Amongst the most commonly used syphilis tests are the Venereal Disease Research Laboratory slide test or VDRL slide test, the Rapid Plasma Reagin test or RPR test, and the Fluorescent Treponemal Antibody Absorption test or FTA-ABS test. These procedures are dependable in terms of the accuracy and reliability and preciseness of their results.

Additionally, prospective syphilis patients can attempt a home syphilis test if they would rather escape from all the awkwardness and disgrace of visiting an STD clinic.Occasionally, people can be very judgmental on the subject of these types of situations, and patients cannot really handle them.

Syphilis home test kits can be purchased from pharmaceutical stores, healthcare facilities, and online retailers. They provide privacy and ease to people. They are fairly cheap and can give precise results. In spite of this, it is still advisable to go pay a visit to a healthcare facility that is designed with revolutionary laboratory equipment and instruments that can analyze blood, urine, saliva, and swab samples more effectively.

U.S. Syphilis Rates On The Rise

How one can cure syphilis

There is not any vaccine that can cure syphilis as of the time. The most effective way to deal with it is to abstain. Prevent having sex with a syphilis positive individual or perhaps with multiple partners to reduce the likelihood of being infected with the disease.