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Syphilis Rates In South Dakota Increase

The state of South Dakota recently revealed that the number of syphilis cases in their region has increased through April 2014.

The findings

According to Lon Kightlinger, the state epidemiologist, there are now 43 people suffering from syphilis in South Dakota so far. This number has been the highest since the 1970s. It is actually quite alarming and they are doing their best to find the root of this problem. He added that previous syphilis cases in their state came from people from out of state, but these recent syphilis cases are believed to be homegrown.

How South Dakota is dealing with STDs

Medical professionals in South Dakota are setting up a meeting for Wednesday to talk about strategies on how to deal with the increase of syphilis rates in the state.

Apart from syphilis, South Dakota is also experiencing a rise in cases of Chlamydia and HIV.

Syphilis can trigger different kinds of signs and symptoms that can put someone in danger. So, prevention should always be the first and foremost thing in mind. Use condoms when having sex and undergo STD testing regularly.

If syphilis is not diagnosed and treated right away, more people will be put in danger and you will be more likely to suffer from serious complications that affect major bodily parts.

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Know What To Do If You Acquire Syphilis