It was around the time of 1493 when German Ulrich von Hutten, first discovered and alerted the nation to the syphilis infection. Then he said that people were losing theirs within a few months of catching the disease. The numbers of infected would have been quite high due to people not realizing just what the infection could do to them.


However, if we look at the medical advances that we have in our world now we are able with drugs managing to control the spread of this STD infection. With this in mind though it seems that people are becoming a little complacent as Centres for Disease Control and Prevention are seeing a spike in the numbers in the United States alone.

The high rate of Syphilis infection

It has been noted through data collected by the CoDCaP, that for every nine thousand people 6.5 people will have the infection. Each ten thousand births will have a number of 27.5 new-borns will already be infected. Figures such as these are now ringing alarm bells as this infection had been previously wiped out by treating it with a penicillin drug.

In some areas of the US, it is rising so rapidly that they have decided to bring in a free syphilis kit to give to people which is free. One explanation for this high rise has been put down to the rising of online applications for dating, which is seemingly encouraging people to meet and they are then having unprotected sex.

The threat of Syphilis infection

Whilst polling the American public data found that whilst they were aware of the risk of STDs and its infections whilst having unprotected sex, they were not too unduly worried about catching syphilis. Data again showed that this was due to the fact that none of those polled had any idea of just how life threatening it can be.

Europe or America; Where Did Syphilis Originate From?

It seems that some countries blame other countries for the initial infestation of syphilis. In England they call it the French disease, the French tend to blame the Italians, Italy then blames the Spanish who have named syphilis the Spanish disease. If you look into the history of Spain it shows clearly that the Syphilis disease was, in fact, bought a home to their shores by the great adventurer Columbus after he did his round the world tour.

Steps to mitigate the spread of the disease

I hate to keep repeating myself but the only truly safe sex is protected sex, especially if you have lots of numerous partners who also have numerous partners. Before this rise develops into epidemic proportions we need to educate our sexual population and teens to make fully sure that they have all the information that they need to make the right decision about using a condom whilst having sex.

As a parent myself, I feel that I personally would fail to be a good proactive parent if I did not make my sons aware of the STD risk and when they became of age to have sex I personally provided them with the condoms that they needed to stay safe.