Health officials of Pima County, Arizona recently revealed that the number of syphilis cases in the area has increased this year. As of the moment, there are 104 diagnosed syphilis patients in the country, which is 80% higher than the number recorded last year at this juncture. Furthermore, that number is thrice the number of syphilis reports back in 2012.

People encouraged to test for Syphilis

The Pima County Health Department has issued a warning to everyone in the area to be aware of this news. They encourage everyone to undergo syphilis testing so that they can receive the proper treatment if they test positive.

Syphilis is a widely spread sexually-transmitted disease that is brought on by a bacterium. It is primarily transmitted through unprotected sexual acts --- oral, vaginal, or anal.

Prevention and treating Syphilis

Males and females are at risk of contracting syphilis if they fail to observe safe sex. The use of protection, specifically condoms, is very important in minimizing the risk of transmission of syphilis. So, always remember to use condoms when engaging in sex.

Furthermore, early syphilis testing is a must to be able to detect the STD while it is still in its early stage. The earlier syphilis is tested, the higher the chances to avoid its severe complications.

And, if you do test positive for syphilis, you can receive antibiotic treatment, with the doctor's help, so that the disease can be gotten rid of completely and fast.