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Syphilis Infection In Australia Hits Record High

According to latest news reports, the number of syphilis cases in Australia has reached an all-time high. About 15 years ago, syphilis was not that big of a problem in the region, thanks to the antibiotics introduced to fight off this infection. However, over the past half-decade, the infection has suddenly spiked up and has continued to infect more and more people.

Since 2013, almost 2,000 people have been diagnosed with syphilis, an almost 40% increase since the year 2009. This number is said to be the highest rate recorded in the history of Australia, and it should be taken seriously.

Why the sharp increase?

Health experts attribute this surge in the increase in the number of:

  • ┬ápeople who do not use condoms when having sex
  • ┬ápeople who have sex with multiple partners

Testing for Syphilis

Caused by a bacterium, syphilis is a very common sexually-transmitted disease among males and females. It is primarily spread through sex, but it can also be passed on from an infected pregnant woman to her child.

If you have been tested positive for syphilis, you need to consult a doctor immediately to know what treatment medication is best for you. Syphilis can be cured by antibiotics, but there are different varieties, so a medical professional can help you determine what will work for you best.

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