When do sores appear?

Syphilis sores are often the initial sign of this sexually transmitted health problem. They normally come in approximately three weeks but can take as long as three months to be noticeable. Generally, at the start, they are not excruciating and could go undetected for quite a long time.

Where do sores appear?

The pain-free syphilis sores are referred to as chancre. They are generally found in the area that came in contact with the bacteria. Frequently, they are present in the genital region, the anus or in or around the mouth.

The genital area is regarded as the most typical since syphilis is transmitted by sexual contact. Should you come across that you have sores or a rash in the genital region and you think that you have come in contact with a person who had syphilis find a doctor right away? Syphilis can also emerge as blisters or not painful bumps.

Syphilis sores are the first stage of this infection. Even so, although there are no sores existing, you could possibly still be contagious. After the medical professional confirms the occurrence of syphilis you and any person you have had sexual dealings with will have to be tested and taken care of.

Dealing with the sores

Syphilis is well treatable with antibiotics. Only a healthcare professional can provide you with the medication that will successfully treat this problem. If unattended it can ultimately trigger injury to various other regions of the body such as blindness, nervous or mental dysfunctions and ultimately death. The medical expert can diagnose syphilis by paying attention to the syphilis sores and affected region. They can also execute a blood test to be sure you have syphilis. Open sores make the chance of HIV more notable so they may possibly check you for HIV.

To steer clear of syphilis and syphilis sores minimize the number of sexual partners you have. Be mindful with regards to who you have sex with casually. At all times use a condom. Make certain that it is still within its expiration date and that it was produced in the USA. The US has far more stringent safety rules that are performed and implemented. So they are far more valuable than condoms made somewhere else. Be sure to place condoms in the unopened original wrapper. There are also condoms for females. Utilize available condoms to offer protection to yourself from acquiring syphilis. Safeguard yourself from getting syphilis sores by applying safe sex methods. If you think that you have contracted syphilis, visit your doctor right away

How To Test For Syphilis Fast