The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services revealed that since the start of 2014, the state has experienced an alarming increase in the number of men and women in Alaska getting infected with syphilis and HIV.

According to their report, the first four months of the year saw at least 20 news syphilis and HIV cases. What's so disturbing about that is that last year, 30 Syphilis cases and 24 HIV cases were documented all for the entire 2013.

Health officials said males comprise the majority of the STD victims.

Chlamydia infections in Alaska

Aside from syphilis and HIV, the state also faces serious problems with regards to gonorrhea and Chlamydia. According to officials, there is an ongoing gonorrhea outbreak in the state, and in the near future, Alaska will become the number 1 U.S. state in terms of Chlamydia cases.

With all these problems concerning STDs, different health organizations in the region are doing their best to spread awareness and information regarding syphilis, HIV, and other STDs.

Prevention of STDs

They advise people to become smarter in making decisions that involve sex. They urge everyone to be careful when selecting their sex partners and be proactive in getting STD tested. They hope all will make an effort to educate themselves on STDs, the dangers involved, and what's at stake.

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Understanding The Significance Of Chlamydia Tests