Symptoms of syphilis

Like any other sexually transmitted infection, syphilis too is caused by a bacteria that can be detected in your body by using specific antibody tests. If you get infected with syphilis, you will usually see the first symptoms after a two to three week period, because that is the amount of time that is necessary for syphilis to become visible in your body. Some of the first and more harmless symptoms are chancres that appear on the skin or near your genital area, and they do not cause pain. Other, more severe symptoms that can appear after a month or two if the syphilis is not yet detected and treated, are things like fever, sore throat, painful lymph glands, rash on your skin and being tired all the time.

You can experience those symptoms for a long time without the infection being triggered in your body, but over a longer period of time, the bacteria that causes syphilis can spread all over your body which can cause you other serious problems like heart conditions and mental issues, and it can damage your health. Also, if you are pregnant, your child can get infected with syphilis through you, having basically the same symptoms that we have mentioned earlier, like a rash, bone infection, skin sores and many other. Syphilis can also make problems when it comes to the natural development of the baby.

Diagnosis and treatment of syphilis

If you or your child experience those symptoms over a longer period of time, then you know that it is time to get tested in order to prevent the syphilis infection from spreading even more. Your doctor will make an assessment according to your symptoms and the symptoms of your child, and he will recommend the appropriate tests that you and your child need to go through in order to detect syphilis. Also, if you and your child have syphilis, everyone connected with both of you should get tested as well, like your sexual partners. Women who are pregnant with a child should test their blood on a regular basis in pregnancy because if syphilis is detected at that point, the treatment can help save the mother and the unborn child.

Syphilis Rate In Clark County, Ohio Rises

The most common treatment for syphilis is usually the use of penicillin that is injected in the body of the infected, and testing your blood during and after the penicillin treatment should be performed just to make sure that the bacteria that causes syphilis is exterminated and that it is no longer invading your body. To prevent the syphilis infection in the first place, teenagers and adults alike should be informed about the dangers of sexually transmitted infections, and that one of the best ways to prevent that is to practice safe sex, with a condom, as well as not having multiple partners, at least not too often, as this falls under a sexual high-risk behavior. It is better to get informed of the time and to live a healthy life, rather than risk the infection.