Chlamydia is a sort of infection that is predominantly transmitted sexually. It can get spread around super quick and can bring about destruction and reparations to the reproductive system as well as other essential body organs.

Chlamydia can certainly go undetected for a time period, earning the nickname “silent disease.” When it infects an individual, it can commence triggering destruction while not being noticed. Across the nation, around three million individuals are affected with Chlamydia year to year and factoring in the quantity of Chlamydia infections in abroad, the totality of Chlamydia infections each year is without a doubt adequate reason to be concerned.

Signs and symptoms of Chlamydia

Both ladies and men can get the Chlamydia infection, and for now, we intend to only have a look at the warning signs of Chlamydia in guys. So keep reading to discover what they are.

Guys who obtain the Chlamydia infection will definitely have a number of issues with their sperm quality. Neglected Chlamydia could result in a yellowish, weird discharge from the penis, and also result in the swelling of the scrotum, ensuing to testicular aches and pains, bleeding, and painful urination.

Any individual who goes in contact with the penis discharge of a Chlamydia-infected guy can also have the infection. If this makes its way into the eye, it can bring about blindness. It is also advisable to not have sex with a Chlamydia-infected guy as this will end up with a number of complications.

Guarding yourself against infection

A guy could offer protection to himself from fighting with these types of serious complications by getting tested for Chlamydia at its onset. Chlamydia testing in males may either be a urine test or a swab test. He should check out and confer with a doctor in the event that he thinks he has acquired Chlamydia. He has to steer clear of having sex until he is totally treated for Chlamydia.

Chlamydia Testing and You


Sexually-active males ought to get Chlamydia screening on a yearly basis or before entering a new sexual relationship. Whenever possible, he must also persuade his partner to get tested for Chlamydia as well as other STDs simply to be safe.

Chlamydia indicators in males are usually very discreet, and they typically not make an appearance at the beginning. For this reason, make sure you get a Chlamydia test to treat the problem at the earliest opportunity.