Today I am happy to say that I am going to answer these questions for you.

A Sexually Transmitted Disease or an STD for short, refers medically to infections and viruses which are caught and passed on from one person to the next by the means of having sex with them.




In our world of today being promiscuous and the selling sex is a big thing, so, therefore, there are numerous STIs and STDs which are current and seen in quite large numbers in a sexual health clinic. Every form of STD or STI will cause some sort of problem with your health and your body. These are examples of the most common ones that we have:


HIV or to give it its full name Human Immunodeficiency Virus, this virus is now being seen in very high numbers. People can become infected from it by having unprotected sexual intercourse, coming into contact with an infected blood sample and is passed during pregnancy from a mother to her unborn baby. This virus attacks your immune system so that eventually a cold germ could make you very ill. It can develop into full-blown AIDS in time.


Syphilis is a bacteria strain of STD, again it can be passed on through having unprotected sexual intercourse. It can cause you to have signs of sores on your genital area, urinating can become painful and burn you and actual sex can be very painful throughout.


Gonorrhoea is another infection that is bacterial, however, with today’s medical advances it is able to be treated and cured with a course of high strength antibiotics.

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Chlamydia again comes from a bacterial form; it is possible that you will neither see or feel any actual signs that you have this particular STD. If you suspect you may have it or have had unprotected sex then you do need to test for this as soon as possible, leaving it can cause complications. There is a range of antibiotic medications that can be given to cure this STD.

The above are just a few of the STDs or STIs that you could come into contact with others are Herpes, Aids that I have already mentioned and Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C.

If you think you have any sexual infection go to your local sexual health clinic where they have a special swab and blood tests which along with specialist equipment can look at your sexual fluid samples. However, most health professionals can diagnose an infection by an examination and use the samples as a backup diagnosis.

If your results are positive for an STD or STI infection you will be talked through the relevant course of treatment which you will need to take until you are given the all clear. Please do not leave attending a clinic as this can cause you to have serious complications with other areas of your body, and can make you very ill.

Once you do get you all clear result I do advise that every time you have any sexual intercourse that you do use a protective condom.