STD Urine Test Kits Do The Job 100% of The time

Sexually Transmitted Diseases have been on the rise in and around every urban area, affecting majorly the young adults of about 15-24 years of age due to the fact that this age group mostly engages in various unprotected sexual activities. These sexually transmitted infections are numerous in number and are basically transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse, the diseases can have a long-term adverse effect on the body if not properly checked or managed.

The knowledge of sexually transmitted disease is essential in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of the disease. So many individuals contract the infection and pass onto others specifically because they lack knowledge that the infection is present in their body. Due to this reason, it has now become paramount for all of us to test for the common STDs, especially with the use of STD test kits which uses body fluids (e.g. urine, blood, or saliva) for the test.

Even with the absence of symptoms, it is very important to test for sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you have had a recent contact with the virus/bacteria. It is a very wonderful idea to get tested for STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) if:

  • Your partner has multiple sexual partners.
  • You have been involved in sexual intercourse with multiple sex partners
  • You think you’ve seen some symptoms related to Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) symptoms.
  • You think you shouldn’t use condoms with your sexual partner.
  • You are about to enter a new relationship with a new partner.

What you need to know about STD Urine Test

STD urine test is essential for the diagnosis and subsequent management of sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to note the facts associated with STD urine tests so as to understand the basic ideas behind the test. Things to know about the STD urine test include:

  • Urine samples can be used to test for various common sexually transmitted diseases.
  • A complete package of sexually transmitted diseases test can be easily done with a ten-panel test which is a personal test kit and enables the test to be performed in the comfort of the individual’s home.
  • Several sexually transmitted diseases can be tested with the use of STD urine test.
  • For Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests, a urine sample is much more convenient and reliable than cervical swabs or urethral swabs.
  • Sexually transmitted disease urine test sometimes might be difficult to find, however, with the new advancement in medical science and research, it is actually becoming easier over time.
  • Urine samples can be used to culture bacteria in the laboratory in an attempt to test for sensitivity of the bacteria and possible ways to treat the infection.
  • Bacterial DNA testing is considered to be better than urine test for sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Due to the fact that the urine mostly passes through the common site of infection, a urine test is considered to be as effective as other tests as well.
  • It is advisable to undergo further tests after testing positive during a urine STD test. Some other tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases might require blood samples or physical examination.
  • Trichomoniasis, a type of sexually transmitted diseases can also be tested with urine STD test.
  • Hepatitis virus can as well be tested with urine STD test.
  • Some urine tests might actually be more reliable than other tests.

Other types of STD test

Apart from urine test for STDs, some other tests exist for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases by doctors/physicians for clients who are willing to test for such suspected STD. The other types of test for sexually transmitted diseases include:

  • Swab test. Swab test includes vaginal swabs, urethral swabs, and cervical swabs.
  • Blood test. Blood samples can be gotten from thumb puncture or with the use of syringe from the vein for the use of the STD test.
  • Pap smear. Smears can be gotten from different parts of the body for the STD test. The Pap smear is also as effective as every other test for sexually transmitted diseases.

Test for sexually transmitted diseases is very important in this present world of increasing demand for sexual intercourse with a single partner or even multiple sex partners. STD urine test present a very comfortable method for the test of STDs so as to make the diagnosis and management of sexually transmitted diseases easier and in turn prevent the further spread of this sexually transmitted disease from person to person.

It is very convenient to use urine samples for STD test rather than blood samples because of the ease of urine collection. And the best part is that STD urine test is still as reliable as other tests for detecting sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, if you think of selecting a convenient way to test for any of the common STDs, STD urine test appears to be the best option for the test because of the simplicity involved in the process.