Having an STD is nothing to be happy about. Sexually-transmitted diseases cause various complications and symptoms that can slowly destroy the body. People should know the different ways to keep themselves from contracting STDs and how to deal with them if ever they turn out to be infected with one.

STDs can affect every single one of us. They are not choosy. They can afflict males, females, teenagers, adults, and even grandparents. They can spread very easily and fast. Many of them do not even exhibit symptoms once they infect a person. Oftentimes, a person only notices visible symptoms when the disease has already reached another stage.

STD Testing

It is necessary to get tested for STDs as soon as you suspect that you have one. This way, you will know immediately whether you are infected or not. You can also observe proper precaution when having sex, avoiding spreading the disease around.

STD Clinics

The most common way of getting an STD test is by visiting an STD clinic. However, most people do not prefer this method for a variety of reasons. First, it is embarrassing. Having an STD is not something to be proud of, and a lot of people do not want to face the humiliation of having to tell other people that they might have an STD. They cannot stand the judgment, scrutiny, and other negative emotions that they will encounter once they drop by an STD clinic to get tested.

In addition to that, most STD tests are expensive. Those that cannot afford would rather spend the money paying their bills or buying their food than to spend it all on an STD test. Also, they have to pay for doctor’s consultation once they test positive. To summarize, undergoing an STD test will cost you money.

Who Can Get Infected With STDs?

For those that decided to go through an STD test in a clinic, they have to wait for weeks in order to get their results back. They have to go to the laboratory and pick up the results. This is another situation wherein they have to face the embarrassment of having an STD.

Why Home test kits are popular

Because of all the hassle of getting tested for STDs in an STD clinic, many prefer to use home STD test kits to determine whether they have STD or not. There are several STD home kits available in the market today, and people can just go online and order an STD test kit for their own use. By using a home STD testing kit, you are spared of all the embarrassment of going out and facing the public.