A couple of million expectant mothers in the USA are affected with sexually transmitted diseases or STDs every year. Because expectant women have almost no security against STDs, it makes them much more at risk of infections in comparison to those that are not carrying a child. Frightening effects of this infection attract harm not only to the moms but as well as to the growing fetus inside the womb.

How hazardous is it to be pregnant and have an STD?

STDs contracted while being pregnant or during childbirth creates a lot more threats than any other moment in a person’s lifetime. It is far better than females evaluate their standard of security against concerns such as STDs, be able to access STD facts and information, and be aware of the possible implications of sexually transmitted diseases to safeguard themselves and their infants even before the beginning of pregnancy to make sure that the dangers affiliated do not go from bad to worse although the effects are the same on non-pregnant ladies. Problems including chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, cervical cancer, and other varieties of cancer are repercussions that take place from the intense effects of STDs.

How is STD transmitted from a pregnant woman to her unborn?

STDs just like syphilis is recognized to move through the placenta and infect the fetus which will likely have an effect on fetal growth. Aside from that, sexually transmitted diseases including Chlamydia gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and genital herpes can be transmitted to the victim's child the point of the vaginal birth. Female HIV victims can also transmit the viral strain that triggers AIDS to their infants through childbirth or through breastfeeding.

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What are the complications that may strike the baby of an STD positive mother?

A number of the implications of STDs to newborns are:

  • motor function malfunction
  • chronic liver disease
  • low birth weight
  • neonatal sepsis
  • acute hepatitis
  • brain damage
  • cirrhosis
  • meningitis
  • deafness
  • stillbirth
  • blindness
  • conjunctivitis
  • pneumonia

Can a pregnant woman with STD get treatment?

The good thing is that women that are afflicted by some bacterial STDs while being pregnant can now easily utilize prescription medication or prescription antibiotics that take care of or remedy bacterial STDs including Chlamydia, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, and syphilis. Even so, viral kinds of STD like herpes or HIV currently have absolutely no remedy but there are techniques that address and control the warning signs while being pregnant to relieve distress.
These types of medical treatments can considerably lessen the danger of transmitting the virus from the mom to the kid, and to lower the hazards integrated, a C-section is frequently advised to guard the infant from possible diseases especially when the mommy has an active genital herpes during birth.